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I’m Deanna, and I’m passionate about wellness, (especially breathwork!) uncovering joy on the daily, connecting with others, and experiencing and creating art! (Oh, and outdoor summer concerts at night…ahhh!) I am a forever student + teacher, thanks to a 20+ year first career as an adult ESL teacher that took me around the world. I have 2 boys who are MY teachers and remind me and my husband when we’re doing too much adulting and need to play. My goals are full-self expression, joy, growth, and health + wealth in all ways, and I am building a wellness business with these in mind.

I design rejuvenating + empowering breath and wellness series,  workshops, and retreats.


• Educator - B.Ed, MA • Breathwork Coach + Practitioner 800hr  • Artist •

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My Story

While Deanna’s first career in ESL took her around the world on a decades-long teaching and traveling adventure, there were often periods of burnout and exhaustion that followed the end of each teaching term or semester. It wasn’t until she began adding breath practices, meditation, and movement right into her English as a Second Language classes as well as in her daily life, that she saw the direct positive impact on both her university students with the pressures they faced and her own health and well-being.

She discovered just how powerful breathwork is with its support during the birth of her two sons. After retiring from teaching ESL around the globe, she became a certified Breathwork Practitioner and loves teaching others how to use this modality to improve their health and well-being.


When the pandemic began, it highlighted the need for extra support with anxiety, stress, and grief for herself and others in her community.  Deanna dove straight into breathwork training shortly after and began offering wellness sessions to the community at large. She is a certified 800-hour Breathwork Practitioner and is continually amazed at how the thing we do ~22,000 times a day  —breathe — can be gently modified to reduce stress and frustration, increase levels of peace and calm, and many other benefits to our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


Through her wellness business, Artfully Designed Wellness, Deanna creates both online and in-person breath, art, and wellness - sessions, workshops, and retreats.


I'm always happy to be of service - let me know I can support YOU. I also LOVE connecting with others to collaborate. Let's chat.

♡ Deanna


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