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Let's create a vision board to reflect all that we dream of, desire, and deserve.


Whether it's for yourself, for date night with your partner, or a seasonal family or work event, Vision Boarding Boxes are a great way to:


✨get clear on what it is you ACTUALLY want.

✨create the vision of what you want to create in your future.

✨get over your limitations of what is possible for YOU.

✨reassess and remind yourself of where you want to be.

✨and of course, destress, have fun, and be creative!


Your Vision Board Kits include:

•suggested instructions for how to do your vision boarding creation

•a guided meditation to do before you begin the process.

•white foam core to use as the canvas for your creation. 

•magazines to cut images and power words from.

•markers, glue, glitter, designer paper.

•various letter and image stickers.

•carrying case for all your tools.

•plus a few wee surprises just. for. you. to open just before you do your vision boarding.


Note: Colour and style of kit elements vary according to availability and season.




2023 Vision Boarding Boxes

SKU: VBg2023.1
C$47.00 Regular Price
C$39.95Sale Price
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