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Hi, I'm Deanna - thanks for dropping by!

Who am I exactly ?


I am a(n)...

  • longtime breather

  • forever sunrise + sunset chaser

  • anytime dancer (with or without music)

  • name-the-time festival goer and silliness doer

  • all-day-long photo taker

  • since-birth lover of all plants, trees, grass, and flowers

  • lifelong friend/partner/earth momma /daughter/sister

  • always enjoyer outdoor get-togethers and summer evening concerts, and

  • eternal creator of ideas, art, stories, poems, and sacred spaces + transformational places.  

More specifically career-wise, I moved from being a decades-long teacher and course + program creator, world adventurer + language lover (see pic collage below) to wellness entrepreneur, 800hr breathwork practitioner, intuitive co-creator, and empowerment mentor.


The greatest gift from my career pivot. was how easily the skills from from first career transferred — from creating resources and programs to empower students to learn English  for their futures to empowering women to go for their BIG dreams. 


In fact, I now empower hundreds of local (Saskatchewan 🇨🇦) and online clients to go for THEIR dreams: I help my clients  create a unique pathway toward what it is they truly dream of, desire, and deserve through a variety of curated offerings including:

  • workplace wellness sessions + workshops

  • breathwork and art sessions + workshops

  • personal and professional mentoring services

  • online courses + digital products, and

  • (one of my faves!) half-day to multi-day rejuvenating retreats for women's, community and workplace groups ​​

I create expansive and transformational spaces to explore our dreams, take the internal and external steps to create our ideal lives in real-time. Together.

My pathway to becoming a more deeply empowered and embodied woman was not always an easy one, but perhaps a typical one.


I lead a full life of career, home, and relationship success while working and living at home and abroad. However, my internal landscape was quite different — it was steeped in people-pleasing tendencies, high anxiety when I stepped out of my comfort zone, and a generous dose of self-sabotaging habits was also part of the mix. 

Maybe you can relate?


When I entered motherhood in 2011, I realized that those coping strategies and limiting beliefs, learned while managing life's stresses and trauma, no longer served me. I wanted to be my best and healthiest self for my kids AND me.


I dove headfirst into personal development which suited my lifelong love of learning! Taking workshops and classes and then joining coaching and facilitator training programs, getting support from mentors and therapists as needed, and reading reading, reading - books, journals, articles, posts - all of it. I  began to work through what I needed to and modeled in real-time for my kids what it looked like to make the healthiest choices in life using the guidance of our bodies, minds, and spirits as a starting point. I also began to step away from solely teaching in classrooms to teaching all that I was passionate about in spaces and places that supported others and myself, too! 


Contrasts have always been my biggest teacher.. After experiencing the deep loss of my brother, dog, and parents within a short time, I was reminded that life is BEST lived by doing all that you love. And so, Artfully Designed Wellness was born, and I officially launched my business in 2019 with the Fall Equinox Revitalizing Women's Retreat.  (See photos on left)


In the early days of the global pandemic, I created complimentary Wellness Sessions twice weekly for my community for the first 6 weeks of our new online world. I then balanced homeschooling my two boys with online training to become a 400hr Certified Breathwork Facilitator last fall and will be completing my 800hr Level 2 training this fall. The tools that I've learned from the theoretical, practical, as well as the inner journey work, have been the biggest gifts of my work over the last 2.5 years!

The work I have done (and will forever do) has deeply enhanced not only my personal life, but also my life as a mom, entrepreneur, and citizen of the world. The teachings I learned and continue to learn are weaved through the modalities of breathwork, meditation, art, journaling, visualization, and movement.


Our offerings guide and support you to re-member or uncover what it is that you TRULY want, to release what is holding you back or heal what needs tending to, and then take bite-sized + consistent steps (at times, BIGA$$ leaps!) toward WHAT LIGHTS YOU UP personally, professionally, and SOULfully.


I now have a question for you:  Are you ready to join us in:

  • dreaming a BIG(GER) dream and taking steps TODAY to bring it to life?

  • putting yourself at the top of your to-do list?

  • opening yourself up to full self-expression, joy, growth, health, and wealth?

  • giving your best effort toward doing the internal and external work?

  • dedicating time each week for designing a life filled with all that you desire, ​dream of, and deserve?


Now, I know change can feel scary, ungrounding, maybe even overwhelming.

I've definitely been there!



Staying in our comfort zones, while...well, comfy, does not create a life of deep

satisfaction and fulfillment.

Join our community where you'll find other courageous souls who are ready

to start designing their pathway forward to living their ideal lives. NOW.

So, let's roll up our sleeves, have some fun, and explore what we can co-create TOGETHER.

Take the next step by booking your complimentary call to see what magic we can co-create,

or you can browse our services.​ and products.

I look forward to connecting with you soon! 



My in-person graduation session at Breathcamp, Alchemy School of Healing Arts, Tuscany, Italy Sept. 2021. 

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