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Emerge into Spring

A 7-Session Breathwork Series of Transformation
Mondays starting March 27th @ Queen St Health Collective in Saskatoon*

Ready to embark on a journey of celebration and transformation?

Welcome to spring – the season of beauty, blossoming, and innovation!

Allow the butterfly to be your symbol of inspiration and transformation.

Allow the breath to be your guide and support your integration of the changes you both intended for and made.

*Depending on interest, this series may be also available via live-stream. 

About this series

As you emerge from the wintery cocoon, the changes and growth that happened during the season might be hard to spot at first.


When you step into spring, just as a delicate and beautiful butterfly emerges from a deep journey of transformation and growth, the ways you've evolved in the previous season come to light.


Series themes

This all-levels series will explore:

-building a strong foundation of YOU via the breath.

-a return to wonder and play.

-stepping into new creative endeavours.

-integrating and growing from past seasons.

-becoming your biggest cheerleader.

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