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Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Too big for words.

Or for enough photos.

Trying to capture what my time in Italy for @alchemyofbreath ‘s breathcamp in @ashaitaly was…is.

Arriving back in Canada a few weeks ago, landing into the familiar yet carrying a heart full of experiences and awareness and connection not easily put into words. With a new love for and support from a beautiful community abroad, wishing we could all be together. ✨And so it is.✨

The food, the sunrises, the cool of the pool, fresh air, and night sounds. The caring shoulders, the hands of support, the beautiful humans who witnessed our stories, our happiness, our pain as we shared and looked deeply into each other’s eyes and souls. The laughter and silliness. The adventures and the familiar.

The songs we sang and chants we learned echoed long past sunset, reminding us of our humanness, of our connections to one another, to the community, to the land. Our power as one and envisioning a future together.

We may have all arrived as strangers, but left with a connection to the experiences shared that will forever stay in our hearts. 💕

This. Is. ASHA.

(Alchemy School of Healing Arts)

Stay tuned for more posts about the beautiful, life-changing journey that was my 10-day Breathcamp in Italy.

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